Rakuten Furusato Nozei Is Best for Hometown Tax In Japan (English)

Which portal site do you use for Furusato nozei?

If you don’t use “Rakuten furusato nozei”, you’re losing a lot of money.

The return rate on general portal sites is 5 to 7%,
but Rakuten Furusato nozei has a maximum of 30.5%.

30.5% of 50,000 yen is 15,250 yen.

This is amazing.

In this article, I will explain why Rakuten furusato nozei is the best and how to use it.

楽天モバイル公式。料金プラン「Rakuten最強プラン」は、家族割引適用時データ3GB/無制限で全キャリア最安! 家族割…

What is Furusato nozei?


What is Furusato nozei?

Furusato nozei(ふるさと納税) is hometown tax in English.

Hometown tax payment is a service that allows you to buy various products for 2000 yen as a thank you by paying the tax for the next year in advance.

Prepaid taxes can be paid outside of your area of ​​residence.

If you choose a municipal outside of your area, the chosen municipal will give you gifts in gratitude.

thank-you gift

This gift is called “Henreihin”.

To use the hometown tax payment, select one from the portal sites dedicated to it.

furusato nozei website portal site

Many municipals sell gifts like online shops there.

If you buy something on a portal site like this, the money you pay at this time will be donated to the municipality where you purchased it as a prepaid tax.

At this time, 2000 yen will be charged as an administrative fee from the paid money.

The administrative fee is always 2000 yen regardless of the number and amount of gifts purchased.

  • If you buy one gift for 30,000 yen, the administrative fee is 2000 yen.
  • Even if you buy 6 gifts of 5,000 yen, the administrative fee is 2,000 yen.
  • Even if you buy one gift of 80,000 yen, the administrative fee is 2,000 yen



It’s always 2,000 yen.

You pay 2,000 yen, but it’s super easy to get something worth more than 2,000 yen.

I definitely recommend you to try it.

The amount of money you can spend with Furusato nozei varies from person to person.

Check our other articles for more information as it is related to your annual income and whether you have children.





What is Rakuten furusato nozei?


Rakuten furusato nozei

Rakuten furusato nozei is a service provided by Rakuten Group.

The service is provided by one of Japan’s largest e-commerce sites called Rakuten Ichiba.




rakuten furusato nozei website


rakuten furusato nozei website online

You can buy Henreihin (gift) like shopping at an online shop.


According to the satisfaction survey by oricon, Rakuten furusato nozei is the first among the portal sites.



Rakuten furusato nozei has a high return rate

The great thing about Rakuten furusato nozei is the overwhelming return rate.

Since this service is provided by Rakuten Ichiba, the rules for Furusato nozei’s return rate apply to Rakuten Ichiba.

Rakuten Ichiba is Japan’s largest e-commerce site.

Because it has a high point return rate.

If you can make good use of the regular limited-time campaign, you can shop at a maximum return rate of 30.5%. Amazing

In reality, it is difficult to take advantage of the 30.5% return rate.

However, it is easy to get points with an out-of-pocket cost of 2,000 yen or more to use Furusato nozei.

In other words, if you do Furusato nozei on Rakuten, you can get Henreihin for free, and you can also get high points.

There are no disadvantages.



Explanation in the Youtube video

I explain Rakuten furusato nozei on YouTube.

List for Rakuten point up

To increase the point return rate at Rakuten furusato nozei, you need to do 5 things.

If you do not do these things, the point return rate will not increase.

5 things for high return rate

Return rate

Rakuten SPU


Buy-around campaign


Days with 5 or 0 campaign


Rakuten-related sports team victory campaign


39 shop campaign

Total 30.5%


I will explain them one by one.



【ふるさと納税】新米 令和3年 訳あり 阿蘇だわら 合計15kg (5kg×3袋) 緊急 支援品 コロナ支援 米 お米 白米 精米 ブレンド米 米俵 規格外 フードロス SDGs 熊本県 高森町 オリジナル米 国産 送料無料


Rakuten SPU (楽天SPU)

Rakuten super point up

This is an abbreviation for Rakuten Super Point Up.

The more you use Rakuten-related services, the higher the point return rate on Rakuten Ichiba.

The maximum point return rate is 15.5%.

Here is a list of Rakuten SPU.

Service Bonus return rate Achievement conditions
Rakuten Members Registration 1% Rakuten Members Registration
Rakuten card +2% Shopping with Rakuten Card (Card type doesn’t matter)
Rakuten Premium Card +2% Shopping with Rakuten Premium Card
Rakuten bankRakuten card +1% Withdrawal of Rakuten Card usage money from Rakuten Bank account
Rakuten insurance (楽天の保険) +1% Pay Rakuten Insurance (楽天の保険) with Rakuten Card(You can get a bonus the month after you pay)
Rakuten ichiba app +0.5% Shopping with Rakuten Ichiba App
Rakuten Securities (楽天証券) +1% Investment of 500 yen or more including Rakuten points in a month
Rakuten Mobile +1% Contract with Rakuten Mobile
Carrier payment with Rakuten Mobile +0.5% Use carrier payment on Rakuten Mobile for 2000 yen or more (Android only)
Rakuten Hikari (楽天ひかり) +1% Contract with Rakuten Hikari
Rakuten Fashion +0.5% Shop Rakuten Fashion products at least once a month with the Rakuten Fashion app
Rakuten Books +0.5% Orders of 1,000 yen or more once a month
Rakuten kobo (E-book) +0.5% Orders of 1,000 yen or more once a month
Rakuten Travel +1% Use Rakuten Travel for 5,000 yen or more once a month. and Go on a trip booked within 2 months
Rakuten Beauty +1% One reservation of 3000 yen or more. And the treatment is completed.
Rakuten Pasha +0.5% Send 10 or more receipt photos and pass the examination. And get 300 points by buying the target product that you can get bonus points.
Rakuten wallet (Cryptocurrency) +0.5% Open an account for Rakuten Wallet. And download the Rakuten wallet app. And a total of 30,000 yen or more in kind of crypto assets
To buy.
Total 15.5% Up to 15.5% that meets all Rakuten SPU requirements

Rakuten offers a wide variety of services.

But you don’t have to use all the services.

Choose only the services you need.

Don’t waste your money by using services that you don’t need for the point return rate.

The following four services are recommended by Rakuten SPU.

1% for Rakuten membership registration.
0.5% when used with Rakuten app.
2% when paying with Rakuten Card.
1% when using Rakuten Bank to withdraw Rakuten Card
1% with Rakuten Mobile contract

5.5% in total.




Rakuten Card is the most popular credit card in Japan.

You can get a + 2% return rate by using it on Rakuten Ichiba, and + 4% on a specific day.

Rakuten Card is famous as a credit card that is not subject to strict screening, and many people have it.

By creating and using a card, you can earn points worth 5,000 yen, so it is recommended that you apply.

Rakuten Bank is an online bank.

The transfer fee is free 3 times a month, and the ATM fee is free 7 times a month.

There is also no fee to maintain an account.

It is very convenient to have one online bank account, so why not create one?



Rakuten Mobile is recommended because the monthly fee is low.

Also, since communication up to 1 giga is free of charge per month, it is also recommended as a sub smartphone.




In addition, if you spend 1000 yen or more on Rakuten Books, the return rate for that month will be + 0.5%.

Why not buy a JLPT book?






Buy-around campaign(買い回りキャンペーン)

This is a limited-time campaign in which the return rate increases according to the number of stores used.

Rakuten holds this campaign once or twice a month.

There are two types of this campaign, “Okaimono marathon” and “Rakuten super sale”.


The benefits of each campaign are about the same.

The special difference is that many items are less than half the price at Rakuten Super Sale.

If you use these two types of campaigns, you can greatly increase the return rate at Rakuten Ichiba.

For example, if you shop at one store, the point return rate is 1% as usual.

However, if you use 2 stores, it will be plus 1%, and if you use 3 stores, it will be plus 2%.

It is effective up to purchase at up to 10 stores, and the return rate is up to + 9%.

買い物マラソン 楽天スーパーセール 買い回りキャンペーン

The campaign applies only to purchases of 1000 yen or more.

You don’t have to do wasted shopping to increase your return rate.

It is recommended that you shop all the things you need to buy at once during this campaign.

By the way, in this campaign, one municipal of Furusato nozei is treated as one store.

Therefore, there is also a technique to increase the number of stores by selecting multiple Henreihin for about 5,000 yen without choosing the expensive Henreihin.

Please note that if the municipality is 6 or above, you will not be able to use the one-stop special system.

If you want to use the one-stop system, limit the number of municipals to 5.

The one-stop system is one of the application methods after using Furusato nozei.

Check other videos or articles for more details.


The campaign will be held once or twice a month for “Okaimono marathon”.

“Rakuten super sale” is held four times a year.

Each campaign is held for about a week.

To use the campaign, you need to enter the campaign.

Okaimono marathon rakuten


The campaign will be displayed on the top screen of Rakuten Ichiba, so enter on the dedicated page.


Rakuten ichiba top page

Another point to note is that you can only get up to 7,000 points in this campaign.

This table summarizes the maximum shopping amount.

Number of stores used Return rate Maximum shopping amount for which points can be obtained
2 shops +1% Up to 700,000 yen
3 shops +2% Up to 350,000 yen
4 shops +3% Up to 233,334 yen
5 shops +4% Up to 175,000 yen
6 shops +5% Up to 140,000 yen
7 shops +6% Up to 116,667 yen
8 shops +7% Up to 100,000 yen
9 shops +8% Up to 87,500 yen
10 shops +9% Up to 77,778 yen

You can get 7,000 points with these limits, but you can’t get points even if you spend more money.

We recommend that you shop below the maximum amount.






【ふるさと納税】境町産こしひかり使用 低温製法のおいしいパックごはん180g×40個 |国産米 ライスパック パック米 パックライス パックご飯 保存食 単身赴任 一人暮らし 備蓄 《沖縄・離島発送不可》



Days with 5 or 0 campaign(5と0のつく日)

There is a campaign where the point return rate will increase by 2% if you use Rakuten Card on the days when 5 and 0 are attached.

The days with 5 and 0 are 5/10/15/20/25/30.

To use this campaign, you need to enter the campaign.

Days with 5 or 0 campaign(5と0のつく日)


On the day of the campaign, the campaign page will be displayed at the top of Rakuten Ichiba, so please enter.


rakuten ichiba top page 2

Rakuten-related sports team victory(勝ったら倍)

The day after the sports team related to Rakuten wins, it will be plus 1%.

There are three sports teams, so it can be up to plus 3%.

Rakuten sports team

Those sports teams are Rakuten Eagles or Vissel Kobe or FC Barcelona.

It’s hard to predict if this campaign will be held, so think lucky if you can use it.

This campaign must also be entered at the time of the event.

Don’t forget to enter.

Rakuten-related sports team victory(勝ったら倍)






【ふるさと納税】トイレットペーパー(ダブル 30m) 48ロール & ティッシュ 30箱 2種 セット ティッシュ ペーパー 160組 日用品 ボックス 一関市 防災 備蓄 SDGs


39 shop(39ショップ)

You can get an additional 1% if you shop at the target store for 3980 yen or more.

Products eligible for the campaign will have a Thank you shop sign.

Thank you shop sign


All Henreihin are probably eligible for Thank you shop.

Campaigns are often held on weekends and at the end of the month.

It is unpredictable when it will be held.

This campaign also requires entry.

39ショップ 楽天

Don’t forget to enter if the campaign is being held.


【ふるさと納税】B0055.【大阪泉州タオル】白いバスタオル4枚セット 日本製 吸水 速乾 薄手 綿100% ふるさと納税タオル




Best days to use Rakuten furusato nozei

As I told you, you have to do 5 things to increase the return rate with Rakuten furusato nozei.

So when is the best day for Furusato nozei?

The day you should aim for is the day when the “Buy-around campaign” and the “Days with 5 or 0 campaign” overlap.

best day to use rakuten furusato nozei

The reason is that these two campaigns have a high point return rate and it is easy to predict the holding period.

The “Buy-around campaign” is always held at least once a month, and the period is about one week.

Therefore, if you shop on the “day with 5 and 0” of the week, you can receive a high point return rate.

Furusato nozei is due until December 31st.

Make sure you decide when to aim and don’t miss the deadline.

Think of the other two campaigns as “lucky when held”.

  1. “Rakuten super sale”(4 times a year)OR  “Okaimono marathon”(Once a month)
  2. Days with 5 or 0 campaign(5か0のつく日)



4 steps to make the best use of Rakuten furusato nozei

Then, I will explain how to actually use Rakuten furusato nozei based on my experience.

We have divided the steps into 5 steps so that you can use the service most effectively.

STEP.1 Register Rakuten Service

STEP.2 Decide the Furusato nozei date

STEP.3 Make a shopping list

STEP.4 Campaign entry

STEP.5 Purchase procedure

I will explain each.

STEP.1 Register Rakuten Service

I recommend that you register before the day you buy Henreihin.

Because if you do all the work on the day, you will get tired and it will take time.

In my case, the service I used was



Rakuten Books does not require registration, but if you want to use it, select the book you want to purchase in advance.

STEP.2 Decide the Furusato nozei date

Decide when to buy Henreihin.

Check the days when the “Buy-around campaign” and “Days with 5 or 0 campaign” campaigns will be held at the same time.

Go to the Rakuten Ichiba site and check if “Buy-around campaign” is displayed on the top page.

Rakuten ichiba top page

If it is displayed, select “Days with 5 or 0 campaign” from the campaign dates.

In my case, I wanted to buy it in October, so I confirmed that the “Buy-around campaign” in October will be held from the 4th to the 11th.

I chose the execution date on the 10th of that period.

STEP.3 Make a shopping list

List what you want to buy in advance.

If you choose Henreihin on the planned purchase date, you may not be able to choose it and you may miss a chance.

Select not only Henreihin but also other items you want to buy at Rakuten Ichiba.

As the number of stores used in Rakuten Ichiba increases, the point return rate will increase.



By the way, I have posted a video in the past on how to find out the maximum amount of money that can be used for hometown tax payment, so please watch that.

STEP.4 Campaign entry

You must make various campaign entries on the purchase date.

This step is really important. Don’t forget it.

It’s okay to enter in advance, but don’t forget to enter as there are some campaigns that you can only enter on the day.

Since the ongoing campaign is displayed on the top page of Rakuten Ichiba, you can access it from there.

The most efficient way to use points is with Rakuten Pay.



STEP.5 Purchase procedure

All you have to do is process the purchase on the scheduled date.

If you want to buy something other than Henreihin, you can get more points by purchasing it together.

When shopping, it is better to shop without using Rakuten points.

Because if you shop with points, you will get less points.




Explanation on YouTube


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