When is the best time to move?
When is the best time to move?

When you look for a place to rent, there are advantages and disadvantages depending on when you look for it.
If you’re not in a hurry to move, it’s a good idea to find a room at the right time for you.

When there are many rental properties

January-March is the busiest time in the real estate industry.
This is because going on to higher education, getting a job, and transferring are done at this time.

Real estate companies and landlords receive many inquiries about moving in, so rent and initial costs may be set high.
Also, it is difficult to negotiate money because there are many applicants.
People who want to find a rent as cheaply as possible should avoid this time of the year.

The advantage of looking for a property at this time is that there are many properties.
You will be more likely to find the property you want.
However, if you spend too much time choosing a good property, other people will quickly take the property during this time.

When the rent properties are cheap.

From May to August, you may be able to rent a property cheaply.
This is off-season in the real estate industry.
Landlords who couldn’t get a contractor when the industry was busy until April will be able to reduce their rent and make it easier to negotiate.

A landlord who has a vacant room will incur running costs just by having a vacant room.
And the vacant room in May may be in debt every month if no one will rent the room.

The landlord wants to reduce the number of vacant rooms even if the rent is reduced.
Therefore, you can make a rental contract cheaply.

The disadvantage of contracting at this time is that it is difficult to find a room that suits your requirements.
You may have to compromise your requirements in order to choose a cheap room.

Recommended season

My recommended season is OTHER than the off-season.
This is because many rooms are already contracted before the off-season and there are less apartments to choose from during the off-season.

If the area you want to live in is an area with enough rooms to choose from even during the off-season, it’s a good idea to search for a room during the off-season.


If you have a lot of apartments in the area you want to move to, you may find a room during the off-season and make a cheap contract.
If not, look for a room during non-off seasons.

When is the best time to move?
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