What is My Number Card?

What is My Number Card?

What is My Number Card?

My Number Card is a public card issued by the Japanese government.
Anyone who has a residence card in Japan can have it.
On the official website, it is called Individual number card in English.

My number will be assigned to all people living in Japan.
This My Number is mainly used for “social security,” “tax,” and “disaster countermeasures.”

Having my number card shortens administrative procedures. In addition, various certificates can be issued at convenience stores.
Details will be described later.

My number card

The material is made of plastic and there is a photo of the face.
There is also an IC chip inside.

Notification card (Tsuuchi card)

Notification card

This notification card was abolished on May 25, 2020.
Those who got an address in Japan before this date have this card.
If you get a Japanese address after that, a document with your My Number will be mailed to you, but it does not come with a card.

My number is written on this card, but it cannot be used as my number card.
All you can do with this card is to confirm your My Number.

The material is made of paper, and there is no face photo or IC chip.
You should apply for the creation of My Number Card soon.

What you can do with My Number Card

The things you can do with My Number Card are increasing year by year.

I have listed what you can do now with My Number Card.

Use as an ID card

My NUmber Card

My number card can be used as a public ID card with a photo of your face.
There are few official ID cards with a face photo in Japan, and a typical one is a driver’s license.
My number card is good because it is easy to obtain unlike a driver’s license.

Use as a health insurance card

From March 2021, My Number Card can be used as a health insurance card.
To use it, you need to apply online in advance.

By using your My Number Card as your health insurance card, you do not have to pay or be charged a high medical fee of 100,000 yen or more.
Normally, if you are billed for medical expenses of 100,000 yen or more, you need to pay once and then receive a subsidy from the government.

I recommend that you register your health insurance card as there are other benefits as well.


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How to use your My number card as a Health insurance card or Hokensho

Issuance of official certificates at convenience stores

If you need an official certificate such as a residence certificate, you usually need to go to the city hall to issue it.
However, the city hall is open from 8:30 to 17:15 on weekdays.
It is difficult to go to the city hall during this time as most working people are busy.

The convenience store copier is equipped with a card reader for scanning My Number cards.
By using this copier, you can issue an official certificate every day from 6:30 to 23:00.


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My Number Card at a convenience store

You can do administrative procedures online.

Every March is the time to file a tax return (Kakutei shinkoku).
Tax returns are mainly for people who are doing their own business.
However, even employees who are paying their hometown tax or taking out a loan to build a new house can save tax by filing a tax return.

Until a while ago, you had to go to the tax office to file a tax return, but now you can do it on your smartphone if you have a My Number Card.

Watch this video to see how to file a tax return on your smartphone.

In addition to filing tax returns, you can also pay some taxes online and apply for admission to a nursery school by holding your My Number Card.

For those who cannot read my number card well with a smartphone

When using My Number Card on a smartphone, there are cases where it cannot be scanned properly.
Depending on the mobile phone model, it may be necessary to read the card for at least 5 seconds.
Other tips for reading well are summarized in another article.


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How to get My number card

application form for My number card

An application form is required to apply for a My Number Card.
The application form will be mailed to you by the government when you get your address in Japan.

If you have a notification card, you should have received an application form with your card.
Please check here for an article on how to apply for My Number Card on your smartphone.


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How to make My number card


The functions that come with My Number Card are increasing year by year.
By 2025, My Number Card will also be available as a driver’s license.

The government is striving to make My Number Card more popular, and the benefits of having My Number Card are increasing steadily.

If you live in Japan, I recommend you to make my number card.
Life in Japan will be easier.

What is My Number Card?
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