How to register My Number Card as a health insurance card

How to register My Number Card as a health insurance card

How to register My Number Card as a health insurance card

How to register My Number Card as a health insurance card

My number card is known mainly for administrative procedures and identification, but it can also be used as an insurance card.

To use it as a health insurance card, you need to pre-register on the Internet in advance.


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How to use your My number card as a Health insurance card or Hokensho

What you need to register


Before registering, check the 4 items need to register

1 My number card

2 4-digit password set in the municipality

3 Smartphone that can read my number card

4 Install Mynaportal App

You can check the list of smartphones that support reading from here

Things to note when applying


As a precaution when applying, we recommend that you close all browser tags.

to make your application smoother. it seems that using multiple tabs may cause bug. 

Also, do not use your browser in private mode.

Registration flow

step 1 2

1. Download the myna portal app ”マイナポータル”

Myna portal app ”マイナポータル” for administrative procedures operated by the Japanese government.

my-na portal

Download for iPhone 

Download for android

2.    Open the myna portal app ”マイナポータル”

Open the Myna portal App.

my-na portal screen

When you see the picture of this woman on the top screen, tap the link below the picture. (Actually displayed in Japanese)

my-na portal screen procedure 1

On this screen

It says that you will register to use my number card as a health insurance card

And the only medical institutions that can be used are those that support the system, and will be available after March 2021.

my-na portal screen procedure 2

And there are checkboxes.

You will be asked if you want to register for Mynaportal.

There is no particular loss because you checked it, and it does not mean that the registration work will increase, so you can leave it checked.

Click red

my-na portal screen procedure 3

Click red again

3.    Scan my number card

Enter the 4-digit password set for My Number Card.

my-na portal screen procedure 4

If you make a mistake three times, your account will be locked. You cannot unlock it from your device and you have to go to the city hall to unlock it.

Please be careful.

Scan my number card.

my-na portal screen procedure 5

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How to scan My Number Card in Japan

4.    Done

When the card is scanned and this screen is displayed, the application is complete.

my-na portal screen procedure 6

This red means “the application was completed successfully”.

This blue means “Registration as a health insurance card has been completed”.

This green means “The user registration of the my-na portal is completed”.

If this screen does not appear or you missed it, you can check it from the Myna portal site of your browser.


After completing the procedure, you will be able to use your My Number Card at medical institutions that support My Number Card.

From now on, the number of medical institutions that support My Number Card will increase steadily.

There is also the merit of using My Number Card as a health insurance card, so please read the related article.

Click here for an explanation on Youtube

If you want to watch the video, please check out how to register on YouTube.


How to register My Number Card as a health insurance card
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