How to Reduce Rent.

How to Reduce Rent.

How to Reduce Rent.

You can reduce the rent for most rental property
This article shows you how to reduce your rent when you make a rental contract.
If you don’t know how to do this, you may waste money.
Read this article carefully and reduce your rent。

How cheap can I rent?

It is difficult to reduce the rent by 10,000 yen, but in many cases, it can be reduced by 1,000 to 5,000 yen.
There is also the possibility that the first month’s rent can be free by using a system called ‘free rent’.

How to reduce rent

You have to negotiate to reduce the rent.
The timing of negotiations is “before writing the examination application form” after consulting with the real estate.

Rent negotiations will fail if you simply say “make it cheaper”.
There is a flow of negotiations when making a rental contract.

This is the flow for negotiations
Negotiation of initial cost → Confirmation of special contract when moving out → Rent negotiation.
I will explain the reason later, but if you do not follow this flow, it will be very difficult to reduce the initial cost.

You need knowledge to increase the success rate of rent negotiations.
Once the rent negotiations fail, the second chance is unlikely to come.
We will teach you the knowledge for negotiations one by one so that you can negotiate more effectively at the time of the first negotiation.

It is the landlord who decides whether to lower the rent.

First of all, you need to know that it is the landlord, not the real estate, who decides whether the rent could be lowered.

You must have the staff in charge of the real estate company negotiate with the landlord on your behalf.
When a real estate company introduces a rental property, it is not possible to negotiate directly with the landlord by yourself due to the rules.

When contracting a rental property, do not negotiate rent before other negotiations.
If you negotiate and agree with the landlord, you will be contracting as it is. Then you will not be able to negotiate with the real estate company.

Before renting, be sure to negotiate the initial cost and confirm the special contract when you move out.

How to negotiate

Amount negotiation


The recommended negotiation method is to start negotiations from 5,000 yen and land on a price reduction of 2,000 to 3,000 yen.
The price will be reduced by 3,000 yen, and one year later, it will be reduced by 36,000 yen.
In the long run, it’s a huge savings.

If the rent negotiations don’t go well, you can negotiate a free rent.

What is a free rent?

Free rent (furii rento) is to make the rent free for a certain period of time.
This period can be a couple of months, but in most cases only the first month is covered.
This is a service for recruiting residents.
Sometimes you can find such a property when you are looking at the rental property information on the net.

Even if the property is not a free rent, you may get a free rent by negotiation.
If rent negotiations don’t go well, there is a way to ask for a month’s worth of free rent instead of rent.

If the rent is 36,000 yen and the free rent is for one month, dividing that amount by 12 months will have the same effect as reducing the rent by 3,000 yen.

It seems that some people who are good at negotiations get both benefits by asking for free rent as it is after getting the rent cheaper.

Season when it is easy to make cheap

The target season for price reduction negotiations are “May-August” and “October-November”.
At this time, there are few people who want to move in, and it is a good time for negotiations because it would be beneficial for the landlord to move in even if the price is reduced a little.

On the contrary, it is difficult to negotiate from January to April.
Since school, transfer, and employment start in April, the number of applicants for moving in will increase at this time.
It will be difficult to negotiate a price cut because there are many people who will move in without lowering the rent.

Since the number of applicants for occupancy will decrease significantly in May, the landlord will have a negative operating cost if there are vacant rooms.
Therefore, even if the rent is reduced a little, the landlord will accept the resident.

When negotiating, “I will think about moving in if you accept the negotiation.”
If you say this, the probability of successful negotiations is low.
The landlord doesn’t know if you really want to sign, so the landlord may not take it seriously.

“If you accept the negotiation, I will contract”
With this kind of expression and attitude, the probability of success will increase significantly.
It’s also a good idea to let the landlord tell you that you like the property.

The caveat is that it will be difficult to negotiate the initial cost after saying “I will contract if you accept the negotiation”.
Keep the order of negotiations.

The staff of the real estate company is the key person.

to fill out a form

The motivation of the staff in charge of you at a real estate company greatly affects the probability of successful negotiations.
Rent negotiations are always done by the staff on your behalf.
If you make a bad impression on the staff, the staff will not work hard to negotiate.

You don’t have to get along with the staff too much, but treat them politely.

The initial cost will be negotiated with the real estate.
And in rent negotiations, real estate negotiates with the landlord on your behalf.
Therefore, do not negotiate profusely at the initial cost negotiation stage.
The probability of successful rent negotiations will decrease.

When a real estate company does not negotiate rent at all.

Sometimes real estate staff do not negotiate with the landlord.
“The amount cannot be cheaper than this”
“This amount is the limit”
Some staff may say something like this.

However, it is not up to the real estate staff to decide whether to negotiate or not.
Because the owner of the property is the landlord.

It is the landlord’s decision whether to reduce the rent, and real estate is the intermediary.
You pay the brokerage fee to the real estate when you sign the contract.
If your real estate agency doesn’t mediate properly, go to another real estate agency.

Properties that are difficult to negotiate

Rent negotiations are more successful for properties with negative points.

For example

  • The building is old
  • The room is small
  • Far from the station
  • Long vacancy period
  • Rent is higher than neighboring properties

On the other hand, it is said that rent negotiations are difficult for properties with many popular factors.
Of course, there are many people who want to move into popular properties, and there is a high possibility that a resident can be found without the landlord reducing the rent.


Get the knowledge you need to negotiate rent.
Getting knowledge can make negotiations more successful.
In the real estate industry, if you don’t have the knowledge, you will get a lot of unnecessary money.
Other articles also describe how to reduce the initial cost.
You should check it.

How to Reduce Rent.
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