7 ways to dispose of home appliances.

How to dispose home appliances in Japan

7 ways to dispose of home appliances.

When you dispose of home appliances in Japan, you have to pay the disposal cost for some kinds of appliances.
This article explains how to dispose of home appliances that require disposal costs.

There are four types of home appliances that require disposal costs.

4 home appliances that need money to dispose

You have to pay the disposal cost for these four types of appliances.

  • TV
  • Air conditioner
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator

You have to pay and throw away these four types due to recycling laws.
If you dispose of your home appliances in a way that is different from the rules, it is a crime.
Follow the rules properly.

7 ways to dispose of home appliances.

Sell to recycling shop

recycle shop

The nice thing about this method is that you don’t have to pay for disposal and you may get some money.

  • There are two points to note about this disposal method.Depending on the age of the home appliances, they may not be received.
  • Do not take the service of the shop that comes to buy things at home.

No recycle shop accepts old appliances.
The age of home appliances accepted by the shop varies depending on the recycle shop, but it is usually 7 to 10 years or more.

Also, I don’t recommend the service that the recycle shop comes to.
If you bring your own appliances to the shop, the shop will buy them at the market price, but if the staff comes to your house to pick up the appliances, they will be bought at a fairly low price.
In the worst case, even if the home appliances are good, you may have to pay for disposal.

Find a taker with the flea market apps.


On sites such as Jimoty(ジモティー), many people sell or give away home appliances for free.
For large appliances such as refrigerators, shipping costs will be higher if you send them using a delivery company.
However, with Jimoty, when you list an item, you can make the method of passing the item “directly”.

If you don’t have a car, you can take this way.

Ask the store when you buy a new one.

Home electronics mass retailer

The appliance store has obligation to accept old appliances if consumers wish to replace them.
You have to pay the disposal cost and the transportation cost to the waste disposal facility.
And the disposal cost is the same at every store, but the transportation cost is different for each store.

Ask the store where you purchased the home appliance.

The appliance store is obliged to accept any requests from the purchaser for disposal of home appliances sold in the past.

If you contact the appliance store where you purchased the appliance, they will come to your house to collect the appliance.
Again, you have to pay the disposal fee and the transportation fee.
This method tends to cost more than when you buy a new home appliance.

Ask a nearby home appliance store.

Depending on the store, they will support you.

Bring it directly to the designated place.

If you have a car and are considering throwing it away, I recommend this method.
With this method, you only pay for disposal costs, no transportation costs.
If you ask the store to dispose of it, you will be charged a transportation cost of 3,000 to 6,000 yen, depending on the electrical appliances.
So if you can bring it to the designated place by yourself, bring it.

Read more about how to do this in other articles.

Ask the municipality

In some cases, if you contact the municipality, they will tell you how to dispose of it.
Depending on the municipality, the municipality may withdraw on your behalf, or introduce you to a retail store or licensed company that will withdraw.

Do not ask unauthorized vendors to dispose of

There are companies that advertise the collection of home appliances for free on flyers and the Internet.
Such vendors illegally dispose of home appliances.
Never use it as you will get into trouble.


Choose the method that suits your situation.

  • If you have time → flea market apps
  • Home appliances are not old → recycle shop.
  • You are in a hurry → store.
  • Cheap way → designated place.
7 ways to dispose of home appliances.
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