finding an apartment on the internet

How to find an apartment for rent on the internet in Japan.

finding an apartment on the internet

This article introduces how to find an apartment for rent and recommended sites.

The number of properties listed varies depending on the site.

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When searching for apartment for rent on the Internet, the number of properties listed varies greatly depending on the site.
There may be various reasons, but one of the reasons is the publication fee.
Real estate companies have to pay to list their properties on the property introduction site.

Even if you spend money on a site with few visitors and list the property, the probability of reaching a contract is low.
Therefore, it is better to pay for posting on a popular property introduction site.
In other words, if you want to know more property information, you need to use a popular site.

The recommended site is SUUMO for apartments for rent.


SUMO is the most popular real estate search site in Japan.
If you watch TV in Japan, you will often see this commercial.

This site is enough to look at when you are looking for an apartment for rent.
I will tell you about the features of SUUMO.

Click here for SUUMO.

Many apartments for rent are listed.


Since it is a popular site, many properties are listed and it is not operated by just one real estate company. Various real estate companies and landlords list their properties.

You may find a property that is not in SUUMO at a real estate agency. However, since such properties are only delayed in being posted online, information on most properties will be posted on SUUMO in 2 or 3 days.

There are few ‘fake’ apartments for rent

A fake property is a property that cannot actually be rented.
Real estate companies post fake properties online to acquire customers.

In order to list a property on SUUMO, the real estate company must pass a strict examination.
Even if the property has passed the examination, if it is found to be a fake property, the real estate company that posted it will be penalized.

Therefore, the number of fake properties will naturally decrease.

You can use the service without registering as a member

Most features, such as searching for a property or seeing detailed information about a property, do not require your information.
You only need to enter your name and address when inquiring about the property from the real estate company.

You can easily request an estimate of the initial cost for an apartment for rent.


When you find a good apartment for rent on SUUMO, you can request a quote from all the real estate companies that handle it at once.
The initial cost is a big factor in choosing a rent, so you should definitely check it.

The initial cost depends on the real estate.
We recommend that you use this function so as not to waste your money.

Many properties are not listed on the English rental information site.

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I highly recommend SUUMO, but unfortunately there is only a Japanese page.
However, the number of properties is overwhelming at SUUMO.

Of course, the benefits of using an English rental site are great.
Even if you have low Japanese proficiency, you can search for a rent, and there are also places where you can get support even for a contract.

However, if you want to find a property that suits you from among many properties, you should try searching for a property at SUUMO.


If you are looking for a rent, SUUMO is recommended.
The site is only in Japanese but there are many properties to choose from.
You may find a property that meets your requirements.
You should definitely use the function to request an estimate of the initial cost.

finding an apartment on the internet
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